Falling Fast

(Doug McGregor Book 1)

Story-hungry journalist Doug McGregor is out to track down a convicted rapist, on the run after being hounded out of his home by a lynch mob.

But a grisly suicide in the heart of tourist Edinburgh piques Doug's curiosity and diverts his attention - especially once his police contact and occasional drinking partner, DS Susie Drummond, reveals that the victim is connected to a high-profile and controversial politician. Together, they find themselves unravelling a story of secrets, drug abuse, violence, murder...and the ultimate taboo.

Action-packed from the very start, and with enough twists and turns to shock and surprise even the most hard-bitten crime fan, 'Falling Fast' is the first of a trilogy. It marks the arrival of a new crime-writing talent who is bound to appeal to aficionados of Scottish crime greats such as Ian Rankin and Val McDermid.


Finalist, Dundee International Book Prize.

"The chapters are a series of stabs, swift, the point... The knots in the plot unravel with timely stealth."Tom Adair, Scotsman

"Broadfoot is the real deal. A superb debut." Michael J. Malone, Crimesquad.com

"Crisp dialogue, characters you believe and a prose style that brings you back for more. It's a fine addition to growing roster of noir titles with a tartan tinge." Douglas Skelton

"A deliciously twisty thriller that never lets up the pace. Thrills, spills, chills and kills." Donna Moore

It's hard to believe [this] is a debut. There's a certainty of purpose, a clarity of voice and a real sense of danger leaking from the pages of this politically charged crime drama... Broadfoot is here, and he's ready to sit at the table with some of the finest crime writers Scottish fictions has to offer." Russel D. McLean

"Gritty with a strong identity. Broadfoot is destined for crime success." Dundee International Book Prize Judges

"Falling Fast is a book that grabs you by the throat from the start and doesn't let go" Crime Fiction Liver, 5 stars

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  • Falling Fast

    Falling Fast

    (Doug McGregor Book 1)

    Story-hungry journalist Doug McGregor is out to track down a convicted rapist, on the run after being hounded out of his home by a lynch mob.

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Falling Fast: Preview

For an instant she believed she had become the angel he always told her she was. Suspended there - time congealing as the city unfolded towards the horizon, the cold air searing her lungs - she felt as though she could reach into the flawless blue of the November sky and touch Heaven itself.

Up here, away from the arguments, the fear, the hatred, she had finally found the peace that had escaped her for so long. She smiled, realising he had been right all along. At the time, she had thought him naïve, but now she realised what he had said was true; all you needed was the strength to believe.


But instead of Heaven, it was Hell that claimed her. Her stomach lurched as gravity yanked her brutally to earth, the ground hurtling towards her. The howling wind tore at her eyes and pinner them open as it roared in her ears, drowning out all other sounds, including her own rising scream.